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How to add wholesale signup in magento

This Blog will helpful to add signup for wholesale in your store, you can also learn How to Activate customer through admin, How to assign group to registered user. How to add Custom field into form and add attribute to store.

Whole post is divided in three part

1) Add Link on home page and register form.

2) Assign group to new register user.

3) Add Customer Attribute and Custom For field into form.

4) How to Activate User Through Admin and notify Customer and Admin about new Customer or Wholesaler.

Step 1: How to Add Link and Register form?

Now We will learn to add link as per below.add link to headaer

For that we will Copy the core file into our default folder or template. best practice is edit core file after copying into default folder instead of direct editing into core file.

Follow below step for copy and add link.

Copy core File from location: app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/customer.xml to app/design/frontend/default/default/layout/customer.xml

Add below code to customer.xml

When we click on Wholesale for open registration form it will do nothing. to start working this link we need to create CMS Page.

How to create a CMS Page?

Login into Admin Panel and follow below step

Click on CMS => Pages then

Click on Add New Pages button.

Set “Page Title” and “Url Key” as wholesale.

Now, Click on “Design” tab inside “layout update XML” add below code

Above code will add template to new created page.

Above code will use to show addresss fields into wholesale registration form. if you do not want to add address field then put false instead of true.

Now we, will

Create a register.phtml for wholesale login as per below structure



Step 2: How to Assign Group to wholesale or General customer?

Open register.phtml and add below code after line No. 51.

Note: Default value is give as above. but it May be different; put as per your wholesale group value.

How to Find Value:

=> Customer => Manage Customer.

=> in Group click on drop down then count number of Wholesale from first group.

=> whatever number you get it will be your value.

Now open AccountController.php


Step 3: Add Customer Attribute and Custom field into form.

Add below Code inside register.phtml it will use to add field into your wholesale registration form.

Now, We will see how to add attribute into store.

For that we need to install Customer Attribute Manager. you can download it from here.

Select Customer => Customer Attributes Manager.

Then click on “Add Attribute” button. then follow as per below image.



Now Save Attribute.

Step 4: How to Activate wholesaler through admin?

Install Customer Activation Module into your store.

For Activate Customer, Select Customer => Manage Customer admin side and select particular customer and

inside “Account information” select “Yes” for is Activated.

For module setting System => Configuration

inside “Customers” tab select “Customer Configuration” and then “Customer Activation” and Enable Module.

=>select Require Activation for Specific Groups only as “Yes” then

=>select “Wholesale” in Require Activation for Groups as per given below Image


Issue Fixed By: Punit K. Gadhiya

Guided By: Jignesh Thummar

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